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How to add a review & rating?

Remember the goal is to help people and the readers to easily find and understand your review in 60 seconds or less! Here are some tips that will help: 

  • You may add up to 5 items (minimum 1 item) to your review & ratings. To make the process as easy as possible, we suggest to prepare the following before starting the submission process:
    • Title: Select a title so everybody can easily find your review and rating when searching. Include the year that you conducted your review in the title. For example “Top 5 Cooking Books 2020”
    • Criteria that your review and ratings are based on. Price, features, quality, and so on. Criteria provide a way to understand your review process but also helps readers more detail about each rating. You may add 0 to 5 criteria
    • For each item in your rating, add 
      • The title (name of the product, model, color,…)
      • Your rating for each criterion
      • Criteria additional description (optional)
      • Image (optional)
  •  Add your rating criteria i.e. which criteria have you used in your review and ratings. You can add 0 to 5 criteria
  • Use spell check to speed up the approval process
  • Make your review reader-friendly and as short as possible

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